Email Marketing

Best Email Marketing Company in India


Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and effective strategy generating nurturing leads, and digital Upway is one of the best email Marketing agency which is helps your business turn email marketing into the lead and revenue generating resource, with our email marketing services. We will help your company grow its sales, revenue, and operations.


How We Can do It?

Target Audience

Know your target audience, their needs, likes and dislikes compile this information into a database.

Offering to Customer

decide what you to want to offer to your audience through your campaign this must add value to your users.

Types of Email

Choose the type of emails you want to send, these can be promotional emails, announcement or offers.

Design Email

Design the layout of your email and prepare the content the content must have a strong impact on your audience.

Mailer Performance

Once we have initiated your email campaign, keep a check on the performance to make improvements in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions?

The most common question asking about email marketing, Email marketing is very broad In other words,Email marketing isn’t dead. Most of internet users prefer valuable brands to contact them by email. Email marketing is measurable and cost-effective personal so how can we say it is dead.

We make custom, responsive email templates with brand image treatment, Call To Action style and list style.

Customers open only those emails which sound relevant. So, the first thing you have to understand your customer’s expectations and which things that matter to them the most. In our opinion whenever you shoot an email ask yourself, Customers instantly connect to emails, which are personalized and when the call to action is relevant.

Email campaigns can surely increase sales, When you buy a product? When you trust the brand and you connect emotionally and rationally with the message, the advertiser is trying to convey to you. Create an email with inspiring content and visually strong images connect with the customer.

Frequency of sending an email once a month helps to create your presence in client’s mind. Twice or thrice a month develops a connect and doesn’t create a obstacle. But when you send emails four times in a month it creates consistency. If you sending offer emails you can send two emails and then send the third email as a final reminder. But if you sending more than three emails just to mention the offer creates a obstacle ultimately losing a subscriber as their might mark you as spam. You have lost your target of email marketing. Email frequency changes from industry to industry and you need to keep testing in order to know what works best for your brand.